Baton twirler wearing purple rhinestone costume at twirling competition.

Baton Twirling

Baton FUN is a foundational, 12 week class-based series taught in a learning-only, non-competitive virtual environment. Our curriculum has been designed to introduce baton twirling in a FUN way for athletes that includes basic movement, improve stamina, endurance, hand-eye coordination, confidence, encourage discipline and enhance performance skills.

As a class series based on progressions, twirlers are required to master the skills in Baton FUN 1.1 before they can progress to Baton FUN 1.2 and then on to Baton FUN 1.3. Upon successful completion of each tier measured by a skills assessment review, twirlers will have learned the qualifications required to advance to the Novice Level. Athletes are invited to showcase their talent and abilities at the end of the 12 week class series.

Great for New Twirlers!
No previous experience required


Baton FUN 1.1
March to the beat while putting your best foot forward as you master the sport of baton twirling. Our Baton I class offers progressive lessons that consist of basic twirl patterns, tosses and catches. Learn basic twirling techniques and tumbling skills.

Baton FUN 1.2
Enhance your proficiency and essential skills with more difficult variations of common baton tricks while developing speed, agility, stamina and endurance. Show off superior stage presence through artistic expression and a demonstration of extraordinary technical merit.

Baton FUN 1.3
From conditioning to choreography, the final tier level of FUNdamentals offers peak optimal training in the development of individual skillset, technique and performance quality. With a concentration on artistic expression, transition to our Novice level with a solid foundation built on poise, confidence and lots of FUN!