All Star Dance

💜 Dance FUNdamentals

Dance FUN is a foundational, 12 week class-based series taught in a learning-only, non-competitive virtual environment. Our curriculum has been designed to introduce dance in a FUN way for dancers that includes basic pom motions and movement, improve stamina, endurance, muscle coordination, confidence, encourage discipline and enhance performance skills.

As a class series based on progressions, dancers are required to master the skills in Dance FUN 1.1 before they can progress to Dance FUN 1.2 and then on to Dance FUN 1.3. Upon successful completion of each tier measured by a skills assessment review, dancers will have learned the qualifications required to advance to the Novice Level. Dancers are invited to showcase their talent and abilities at the end of the 12 week class series.

Perfect for Beginners!
No previous experience required


Dance FUN 1.1
An introductory to All Star Dance, training includes basic skills while focusing on increasing flexibility, core strength and discipline. Learn the essentials of dance along with conditioning, stretching, pom motion drills, footwork and floor work incorporated in our fun dance routines.

Dance FUN 1.2
Dancers are challenged to learn more advanced pom motions, jumps, kicks and dance routines while utilizing skills mastered in the previous level. Learn dance techniques and showmanship that help dancers get ready to WOW the crowd.

Dance FUN 1.3
From conditioning to choreography, the final tier level of FUNdamentals offers peak optimal training in the development of individual skillset, technique and performance quality. With a concentration on artistic expression, transition to our Novice level with a solid foundation built on poise, confidence and lots of FUN!