Our carefully crafted curriculum is designed to introduce Beginners to the Fundamentals of Cheerleading including

πŸ’œ Motions

πŸ’œ Jumps

πŸ’œΒ Drills

πŸ’œ CheerDance Routines

& more!

Ages 5 & Up

Expert Coaches and Instructors with professional experience in Cheerleading guide and support the learners throughout their training journey. They provide a safe and inclusive environment where they can grow and thrive.

Whether your child is new to Cheerleading or has some previous experience, our classes offer a great opportunity for them to learn, have fun, and develop lifelong skills.

Our Cheerleading classes serve as an creative outlet where youth focus on building confidence, promoting positive sportsmanship, and fostering a sense of camaraderie. Learners will have the opportunity to perform at various events, showcasing their talent, skills and abilities.

Learners will master proper technique, coordination, and teamwork as they work together to create exciting routines.

They will also develop strength, flexibility, and endurance through conditioning exercises and drills.