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The Perfect Start with
Coaching from the Heart!

🤍 Master New Skills

🤍 Build Poise & Confidence

🤍 FUN, Safe, No Pressure

Our class format is progression based and includes a combination of the following:

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[trx_skills_item title=”Motions” value=”100″]
[trx_skills_item title=”Conditioning” value=”100″]
[trx_skills_item title=”Drills” value=”100″]
[trx_skills_item title=”Skills” value=”100″]
[trx_skills_item title=”Technique” value=”100″]
[trx_skills_item title=”Interactive Activities” value=”100″]
[trx_skills_item title=”FUN Choreography & Routines” value=”100″]

💜 Learner Levels

No experience necessary! Beginners are Welcome!